Probiotic detergents and cleaners Kristall Smart.
Life on Earth is impossible without bacteria.
They are involved in all critical biological processes such as food digestion and waste disposal.
Bacteria are divided into: good - probiotic, bad - pathogenic and neutral.

The constant use of disinfectants and antibiotics over time leads to mutation of pathogenic bacteria: they become even more dangerous and resistant.
New pathogens arise and neutral bacteria become pathogenic.
As a result, the more people use disinfectants and antibiotics, the worse the situation gets.

Thanks to the hints of nature and the efforts of scientists, “washing probiotics” have been created - a product of the future and the present, and a very timely gift to humanity, and to the planet itself, which suffers from household chemicals.

"Detergent probiotics" are the newest microbiological cleaners, in which it was possible to combine detergent components and live cultures.
Due to the presence of good bacteria in Kristall Smart products, allergic reactions are significantly reduced, and the risk of viral diseases is reduced.
The products are marked with Ecolabel and are recognized as completely harmless to humans and nature.
Kristall Smart is a unique high-tech product that combines cleaning properties and beneficial bacteria, which together provide a new class of surface and space cleanliness!

The President Hotel has implemented a quality policy, one of the main principles of which is environmental protection. There is also an environmental management system and environmental policy. These management tools are essential to intelligently integrate environmental innovation into hotel practices.
In accordance with the eco-standard, the hotel has developed a green procurement system.
This means that for its operation, ecologically preferable goods are purchased - with ecolabels or improved environmental characteristics in comparison with analogues, for example:
- for washing dishes & cleaning President Hotel uses products that do not contain chlorine and its organic compounds, phosphates and phosphonates, that is, they are safe both for human health and for aquatic organisms.

Results of using #kristallsmart products:

  • Restoration of the natural microbiological balance;
  • Elimination of pathogenic microorganisms, fungi, mold;
  • Reducing the risk of getting sick with viruses and infections;
  • Strengthening the human immune system;
  • Minimization of allergic reactions up to complete disappearance;
  • Disappearance of unpleasant odors.

With Care for our Guests,
The team of the President Hotel

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