NEW! "Whiskey" - swaddling"

Program for correction of your figure from professional cosmetic brand STYX Naturcosmetics

We invite you to visit the figure correction program: “Wet“ Whiskey ”- swaddling” from professional cosmetic brand STYX Naturcosmetics (Austria)!

Duration is 120 minutes.

Price for the program is 120 rubles.

Effects of the procedure:

  • acceleration of the process of losing weight;
  • decrease reduction and body contour correction;
  • smoothing the manifestations of cellulite;
  • improving the condition and appearance of the skin;
  • body cleansing;
  • rejuvenation;
  • increase immunity;
  • good mood;
  • restoration of vital energy.


The principle of whiskey swaddling is based on the method of Sebastian Kneipp, who was a Catholic priest, who became famous for his hydrotherapy and his contribution to the study of the healing power of plants.

Despite its original name, whiskey wrap has nothing familiar with a strong alcoholic beverage. Such a term appeared due to the incredibly pleasant feelings that arise during the procedure. A feeling of lightness, similar to a little alcoholic intoxication, led to the emergence of an informal name for the method.

Operating principle:

A special temperature regime arises thanks to STYX during the procedure, to which the body is forced to respond, spending a lot of calories. At the same time, the metabolism is accelerated, in particular the metabolic processes of the breakdown of fats, as a result of which the subcutaneous fat layer becomes thinner and the excess weight gradually goes away, a powerful detoxification of the body occurs.
The procedure involves wrapping the entire body with bandages soaked in a special composition with herbal ingredients, which are wrapped on top with a membrane. The active components of the products are made by cold pressing from medicinal plants grown in ecologically clean places. Due to the existing components and technology of the procedure:

  • metabolic processes are stimulated;
  • microcirculation of blood and lymph is activated;
  • regeneration accelerates;
  • the effects of hormonal and emotional crises are smoothed out;
  • slags and toxins, excess fluids are removed;
  • the state of the vascular network improves;
  • swelling is removed;
  • skin tone is restored;
  • stretch marks become less noticeable;
  • increased immunity;
  • hunger dulls;
  • there is a relaxation.


Detailed information about services and discounts you can get at the administrator of the SPA-Centre.

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