NEW! A face mask with biomatrix!

Collagen fleece mask from «JANSSEN COSMETICS»!

NEW!  Collagen biomatrix from "JANSSEN COSMETICS"!

The specialists of our SPA-center are happy to offer you face masks with biomatrix!

This series of masks is created on the basis of soluble collagen of a high degree of purification, processed into a biomatrix, which is activated by moistening, becomes elastic and encircles the face as a "second skin". Biomatrix is ​​additionally enriched with biologically active substances. The masks can be used for various types of skin,  because they have various composition of the active ingredients, including hypersensitive. The collagen mask creates a hydrophilic membrane on the skin, providing persistent moisturizing. Nucleotides of DNA regulate skin regeneration and cellular metabolism. The price for 1 procedure during 40 minutes is 45.50 BYN.

Masks increase the elasticity of the skin, provide an instant lifting effect, restore, rejuvenate, moisturize and soften the face skin. They are highly effective even after the first use. Do not contain preservatives and aromatic fragrances.

The procedure you were waiting for! We offer a new SPA procedure "Sea temptation" with collagen biomatrix for the face.

SPA procedure has a lasting about 90 minutes and include a bath with hydro- and air-bubble massage, with chromotherapy, and sea salt. During the bath, a mask with a biomatrix is ​​applied to the face of the patient. After the completion of the water procedures and removal of the biomatrix from the face of the guest, it is applied a gel-contour for the body with an extract of algae. And after this updating procedure you can relax with the cup of your favorite tea. The price for 1 session is 80 BYN.

The procedure moisturizes the skin, hydro and air-bubble massage relieve muscle tension and fatigue. The mask with biomatrix provides instant lifting-effect, rejuvenates, moisturizes and softens the skin of the face. The procedure  are highly effective even after the first use!

To get more information about the services, discounts and working time, please contact the administrator of the SPA-centre.

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