President-Hotel carries out all the necessary measures to prevent COVID-19 - infection among Guests and the hotel staff!

Only personnel who have passed thermometry and have no signs of SARS are allowed to work!

Throughout the hotel, it is imperative to observe the mask regime both by the staff and by the hotel Guests!

Upon check-in, all guests at the reception undergo thermometry!

Conditions for social distancing of visitors and staff are provided!

To disinfect the air on the territory of the hotel, bactericidal air recirculators are used!

We care about your health!

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are placed all over the Hotel.
  • Conditions have been created for maintaining hand hygiene in sanitary facilities.
  • The hotel staff is provided with personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer and disinfectant for surface treatment.
  • Receptionists disinfect the reception desk and equipment every 3 hours.
  • The hotel staff regularly disinfects door handles and surfaces in halls, restaurants, on the floors of guests' residence.
  • Handrails, surfaces and buttons in elevators are disinfected every 2 hours.
  • We carry out daily cleaning of rooms and treatment of all surfaces with the use of disinfectants, airing the room.
  • In each room, after the guest has checked out, a general cleaning is carried out. All surfaces are treated with a virucidal disinfectant.
  • Disinfection of mattresses, pillows, blankets is carried out. The air is disinfected using a bactericidal air recirculator.

The Hotel Management is confident that the interaction of Guests and staff will make the stay at the Hotel comfortable and safe for health!
Detailed information on prevention and statistics on COVID-19 infection can be found on the websites,

With care for you and your health, the President Hotel.