Booking conditions

Non-guaranteed booking

Non-guaranteed booking involves saving the reservation for the room until 18:00 on the day of arrival. The hotel confirms the non-guaranteed booking within the period of accommodation no more than 2 days.

To make a reservation, you need to fill out an application and send it by fax or e-mail or book online. After sending the application, please contact the booking department if you have not received a booking confirmation within 24 hours after sending the application.

Legal entities issue an application on a letterhead signed by an authorized person.

Guaranteed booking

Guaranteed booking implies the preservation of the reservation for the room for the entire period specified in the application on the basis of advance payment of the cost of accommodation (In case of no-show or late cancellation of the reservation (less than 24 hours before arrival), the Hotel has the right to charge compensation in the amount of the cost of 1 night stay).

Guaranteed reservations can be made by legal entities and individuals. Legal entities (who do not have contractual relations with the hotel) issue a letter of guarantee on letterhead with the seal and signature of an authorized person.


  • fill out the application form for booking a room online on the hotel's website. The application must specify the type of card that will be used to pay for accommodation;
  • they send a booking request, and after receiving a link from the Hotel to make calculations online, they make payment for the cost of living.
An advance payment made at the Hotel reception prior to the guest's arrival can serve as a guarantee of booking. In this case, payment is made for at least 1 (one) knocks of accommodation.